Hope Hicks achieved the impossible: a painless exit from Trump’s orbit

Hope Hicks achieved the impossible: a painless exit from Trump’s orbit

Hope Hicks, the now former director of White House communications, received a rare honor from the White House: A graceful exit on her own terms.

After joining the Trump’s campaign in 2015, she was a stabilizing presence in the White House and was one of Trump’s most trusted aides. That favoritism was on display on Thursday Mar. 29, when she received a friendly public goodbye from the president. ABC News describes the scene:

As he parted ways with Hicks on her final day at the White House, the president posed with his longtime aide in front of cameras outside the Oval Office before boarding the presidential helicopter. The president was on his way to Ohio to deliver a speech on infrastructure before heading to Florida for an extended Easter weekend.

The goodbye left Hicks tearful, according to a West Wing staffer who joined with Hicks and another staffer in her office following the presidential farewell.

Her exists stands in stark contrast with the dozens of less dignified exits of the Trump administration’s rotating cast of characters (paywall).

From Anthony Scaramucci’s quick rise and fall, Trump’s body man John McEntee being escorted off the White House grounds or Rex Tillerson reportedly learning of his firing while on the toilet, very few members of Trump’s inner circle have left unscathed, let alone with a kiss and a handshake.