Nunes-led House Republicans prep to flout Justice and release conspiracy-laden memo

Nunes-led House Republicans prep to flout Justice and release conspiracy-laden memo

Good Lord—what is our nation coming to? After the Justice Department sent a sharply worded warning letter to House Intelligence chair Devin Nunes Wednesday, Politico reports that Nunes and his GOP buddies on the committee plan to proceed with sending the White House a conspiracy-laden memo blasting the FBI for possible public release.

POLITICO contacted or reviewed statements by the committee’s 13 Republicans, and found near-unanimous support for making public the memo, which Democrats call a misleading effort to discredit special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Trump’s ties to Russia.

A vote by the committee — expected as soon as Wednesday — to release the controversial document would put its fate into the hands of President Donald Trump, who has not taken a clear position on its public disclosure.

Oh, c'mon, this is the guy who invited Russians into the Oval Office then hastened to fumble sensitive Israeli intelligence to them. He both literally and figuratively doesn't even know the meaning of the word intelligence.

The committee sentiment suggests that House Republicans are unfazed by a top Justice Department official’s warning that doing so without first consulting the department would be “extraordinarily reckless,” and underscores the GOP’s determination to shift attention from Russian election influence onto alleged anti-Trump bias among federal Russia investigators.

That Justice Department letter, written by Trump appointee Stephen Boyd, raised more than a few concerns releasing the memo, not least of which was the fact that most of the committee members (basically everyone other than Rep. Trey Gowdy) haven't even personally reviewed materials it was based on, including its author, the White House errand boy himself.