Representative Adam Schiff: New evidence makes obstruction case against Trump even stronger

Representative Adam Schiff: New evidence makes obstruction case against Trump even stronger

While the infighting and name-calling found on every page of Fire and Fury might be grabbing most of the headlines, the content of Michael Wolff’s behind the scenes at the Donald Trump White House book also fills in the details on Trump’s obstruction of the Russia investigation.

“The allegations in the Times piece, if accurate, provide further potential evidence that the White House was engaged in an effort to obstruct justice,” Schiff said. He suggested three of the main revelations in the Times piece should be looked at as part of a pattern.

Those revelations are: How White House Counsel Don McGahn tried to pressure Jefferson Sessions into delaying his recussal, Sessions’ work behind the scenes in gathering up talking points against James Comey, and the contents of Trump’s original Comey letter—which is still being hidden by Sessions and Rosenstein.

Of these, McGahn’s direct talks with the DOJ and Sessions sending around aides with the intent of generating “one new negative story a day” about Comey are genuinely new. Trump’s angry, Russia investigation-oriented Comey letter—co-written by the always unreasonable Stephen Miller—was already known to exist. Still, the new information serves to remind everyone that not only is the Rosenstein excuse for firing Comey a blatant lie, it’s a lie that everyone pretends to accept even though the actual information is readily available and the people who have it are the people supposedly responsible for bringing the truth to light.

Every week for the last 14 months has been extraordinary in its awfulness. Over and over again what seemed to be the bottom has proven to be just another step on a escalator that’s plunging toward an endless abyss. And it’s now clear that we’re locked in a desperate race: The evidence for obstruction of justice is already overwhelming, but the evidence that Republicans will prevent any response to that evidence seems just as clear.