Midday open thread: 'Historic moment' for Natives at ballot box; renewables soar despite Trumpians

Midday open thread: 'Historic moment' for Natives at ballot box; renewables soar despite Trumpians

Today’s comic by Mark Fiore is Tweet-pocalypse:

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• Woman who said Roy Moore initiating a sexual encounter with her when she was 14 has filed a defamation lawsuit against him:

Leigh Corfman claims in a lawsuit filed this week in Alabama that she's been the victim of harsh personal attacks since going public with the accusation, according to The Washington Post, who first reported on Corfman's accusation in addition to the accounts of other women who said Moore had dated them when they were high school age and he was in his 30s.

She is not seeking financial compensation beyond legal fees and is looking for a public apology from Moore, as well as a court-enforced ban on Moore or his campaign that would prohibit him from allegedly criticizing her again.

• Iguanacicles are falling from trees in south Florida cold snap: When the temperature falls below 50, the iguanas—an invasive species in Florida—will shut down and slip from their perches in the tree branches. Usually they aren’t dead and will recover. If they are—carefully—moved into the sun they warm up quickly. In 2010, a two-week period of cold weather killed a big portion of the iguana population in south Florida. The current low temperatures are expected to be shorter-lived than that.

• Judge says Rick Gates, Paul Manafort hold the keys to their being released from house arrest.

• Economics, policy and technology boosted U.S. clean energy in 2017 despite Trump: He “rolled out the antiquated arguments about why clean energy was too expensive and a threat to the grid. But markets and policies mostly ignored him.”

• UK announces plan to phase out coal burning by 2025. That was supposed to happen in 2015: The British plan to achieve this ...

by making it impossible for plants to generate power without as-yet unproven carbon capture and storage technology.

In its response toa consultation  on ‘implementing the end of unabated coal by 2025’, the government said it will legislate to limit power plants to 450 grams of carbon dioxide for each kilowatt hour of electricity produced — effectively ruling out coal power without technology that captures emissions.

• An “historic moment” for American Indians at the ballot box:

Fights over indigenous voting rights are playing out in the West and the Midwest, a trend that has the potential to tip tight races in states with large native populations, like Alaska and Arizona, and to influence matters of national importance, like the future of Bears Ears National Monument, a conservation area in this county that is at the center of a fierce debate over public lands.

Today, Native Americans are suing over a new voter identification law in North Dakota, where lawyers say there is not a single driver’s license site on a reservation in a state that requires identification to vote. The outcome of the lawsuit could influence this year’s congressional election, helping to secure or flip the seat of Senator Heidi Heitkamp, a Democrat with wide Native American support.

On showKagro in the Morningtoday’s : Who would’ve guessed? The “Trump is a criminal, a moron, and a traitor” story has legs! Sure, it was an “open secret,” but the open ones give us fits come accountability time. Armando likes a NYT piece, and reads between the lines to get the real story.