It's 2018 and the FBI is actively investigating the Clinton Foundation. Still

It's 2018 and the FBI is actively investigating the Clinton Foundation. Still

There will never be an end to Clinton Derangement Syndrome. Decades from now, when Bill and Hillary Clinton are long gone, someone, somewhere, will still be investigating them. And wasting taxpayer dollars in doing so.

Federal authorities are actively investigating allegations of corruption related to the Clinton Foundation, the charity of Bill and Hillary Clinton, according to a US official briefed on the matter.

The FBI and federal prosecutors are looking into whether donors to the foundation were improperly promised policy favors or special access to Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state in exchange for donations to the charity's coffers, as well as whether tax-exempt funds were misused, the official said.

The investigation, led by the FBI field office in Little Rock, Arkansas, is being overseen by the US attorney's office in the state, according to the source. […]

A representative for the foundation dismissed the substance of the allegations as unfounded.

"Time after time, the Clinton Foundation has been subjected to politically motivated allegations, and time after time these allegations have been proven false," Craig Minassian said in a statement to CNN. "The Clinton Foundation has demonstrably improved the lives of millions of people across America and around the world while earning top ratings from charity watchdog groups in the process. There are real issues in our society needing attention that the Clinton Foundation works hard to solve every day. So we're going to stay focused on what really matters."

Just one data point. Let's go back to June 2016 when this perennial nothingburger was the hugest thing in the presidential campaign, despite the fact that the Republicans were on the verge of nominating the single-most unqualified human being on the face of the earth to be their standard-bearer. Here's the totally not left-leaning Politifact on Hillary Clinton's defense of the Foundation. Specifically this claim: "Nine million people have lower-cost HIV/AIDS medicine because of the work of the Clinton Foundation and my husband. We have women across the country, from Latin America and Africa—across the world, I mean—getting good jobs, and being able to support themselves for the first time."

Politifact's verdict:

Clinton said 9 million people have lower-cost HIV/AIDS medicine thanks to the efforts of the Clinton Foundation and her husband. Bill Clinton started the foundation and its first big project was the Clinton Health Access Initiative. The program focused on using market mechanisms to reduce treatment costs. Costs have fallen dramatically and the initiative remains a key global player in maintaining a steady supply of affordable drugs.

If anything, Clinton understated the number of people who have benefited from the program. We rate this claim True.

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